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              Landscape plants
              Landscape plants

              Camphor trees

              Zhang, lauraceae, cinnamomum camphor is large evergreen trees, up to 30 meters, up to 3 meters in diameter, crown broadly ovate; Canopy guangzhan, lush foliage, magnificence, is a good greening trees, trees, and the shadow of the tree.

              The shadow of the tree branches and leaves thick, big crown, tree majestic appearance, can smoke dust, water conservation, soil sand fixation, and beautify the environment, is the urban greening tree species, fine widely as a court shade trees, trees, shelter forest, and scenic beauty is often used for ornamental, neighborhood, gardens, schools, institutions, factories, former hill, the courtyard, the side of the road, buildings. With pool, the water's edge, slopes, etc. In the grass clump planting, group planting, solitary tree planting or as background for the spectacular, and, because of its stronger resistance to a variety of toxic gases, strong suction hysteresis powder


              Magnolia thickness and luster, big and sweet flowers, tree looks magnificent, as one of the rare tree species. In the garden, park, amusement park, cemetery can be adopted. The tree can be solitary planting lawn, or avenue system in channels on both sides; Small and medium-sized can group to take the stage. Beijing temple, the Summer Palace, the cloud temple of great enlightenment and are based on ancient buildings. And western-style buildings especially coordination, therefore was suitable in the western style garden.


              Osmanthus is Chinese osmanthus fragrans, xi said many trees between peanut leaf relieving, corolla and disc four crack, small shape, its garden variety, the most representative has given, silver guangxi, osmanthus, laurel, etc.
              Osmanthus is one of the traditional Chinese top ten famous flowers, integrating greening, landscaping, aromatization of ornamental and practical with good garden tree species, osmanthus can be white, thick can far overflow, a must. Especially the Mid-Autumn season, CongGui in full bloom, the night static wheel round, wine to admire the laurel, Chen fragrant, refreshing. In Chinese ancient chant flowers, poems of work quantity is considerable. Have was deeply loved by Chinese people since ancient times, is regarded as the traditional famous flowers.

              Catalpa ovata

               Catalpa tree, the tree body, the crown, leaves the shadow of big thick, chun xia tree full of white flowers, autumn winter pods hanging, hanging like garlic moss, therefore is also called the garlic sprout tree, is a certain species of ornamental value.
              Such as fast-growing tree, as a roadside trees and court shade trees and plant greening tree species.

              Ficus microcarpa

              Fine ficuscunia (scientific name: Ficus microcarpa), the fine ficuscunia seedlings wholesale is moraceae of plants belong to a kind of common varieties, including Chinese common name is rongping, mountain resort, birds excrement rongping, and thousands of root tree refers to the commonly found in mainland China, and appearance similar to the other relative ─ ─ Bangladesh banyan. Characteristics: evergreen tree; Dry angry root, much and prolapse, such as the long thick like a pillar in the grave; Dark green, ovate entire leathery leaves, 4 to 8 cm long, base cuneate, pinnate veins; Nearly flat spherical hidden flowers and solitary, axillary 8 mm in diam.


              Podocarpus bonsai trees lush fair, antiquity, lithe fresh green leaf color the four seasons, has the feeling of vigorous and nobleness. As attached to rocks, made into talons bouldering attitude, more quaintly. Podocarpus and bamboo, stone group scene, extremely refined. Jungle podocarpus miniascape, match with herding scene, can give a person the enjoyment with delight. As the training well, Eva for decades or even one hundred long, namely into a basin of a wonderful podocarpus bonsai.

              Bischofia javanica

              Autumn maple (Bischofia javanica), wholesale seedlings in the autumn wind is evergreen or half evergreen trees, up to 40 m, diameter at breast height can reach 1 m. Crown umbrella, big branch oblique exhibition. Bark gray-brown, longitudinal cracks. Flowers solitary, pale green, dioecious, altar, prolapse.
              Autumn maple leaf and canopy dome shape, the tree looks spectacular. Appropriate for garden trees and trees, can also be used in planting lawn, lake, stream, the bank.

              Traveler banana

              Traveler banana plant type is elegant and chic, can be used as a large ornamental plants for the courtyard greening garden, planted in solitary planting, clump planting or avenue system, travelers banana also can indoor ornamental plants in northern region.
              Travelers in large bizarre, graceful posture, tropical tourist scenic spot in adornment pavilion hotel corridor gardens. The amorous feelings that does not have, is a tropical scenery, its adornment effect is good, is suitable in the park, or the campus planting, landscape ornamental plants. Such as Singapore's most famous raffles hotel is on both sides of the gate at the entrance zone, grow very tall travelers Manila, dozens of plants has almost is the symbol of the hotel scene, one of a handful of high latitude of northern region is potted park indoor to prevent cold.


              Red yulan

              Red yulan, deciduous trees. Cuttlefish. Leaves alternate, obovate, apex short acuminate. Top, white single flower is big, have fragrance, and similar to petals, every three piece arranged in round, bell shaped. Aggregate cylinder, red to reddish brown, split after the mature fruit, seeds with bright red testa fleshy shape. Belong to our country has more than 30 species, are all beautiful flower trees, around the common culture are: white yulan, red magnolia, michelia champaca, ruyi yulan, two yu-lan qiao, etc.

              Red maple

              Red maple tree height 2, 8 m, slender branches more smooth, purple. Leaves palmate, 5-7 deep cracks, 5 -- 10 cm in diameter, lobes ovoid lanceolate, apex caudate, margin with heavy serrate. Umbrella inflorescence room, purple flowers. Samara wing 2-3 cm long, obtuse Angle between the two wings.
              Red maple like sunshine, suitable for warm humid climate, afraid of strong sunlight, a hardy, a drought, waterlogging resistance, was born in fertile osteoporosis well drained soil. Early spring bud, bud brilliant red, densely white fur, vane stretch after gradually fall off, the leaf color also shifted from gorgeous lilac even suffused with green. Red maple for rare foliage trees, reason often as a potted plant.

              Magnolia flower

              Often used for ornamental, residential area, garden, schools, institutions, factories, former hill, the courtyard, the side of the road, buildings. Blooming, the exhibition to the quartet, courtyard, stimulation, blades of white light, has the very high ornamental value; Plus scent wafts, refreshing.
              White magnolia flower before leaves, flowers, beauty and fragrance, early spring is like a sea of clouds XueTao, spectacular. Ancient frequently in the residence hall front yard after configuration, called "magnolia hall" can also be in the garden of the road, the lawn around the corner, pavilions, or repeated inside and outside, giving away the place such as planting, solitary planting, to plant, clump planting or groupings.
              Especially the rock mountain is China's largest wild magnolia base. In the annual lunar February 2 hold magnolia section for objective


              Hollyhock is perennial herb. Stems erect, high. Leaves alternate, cardioid. Raceme flowers single or raw disc, purple, pink, red, white and other colors. Flowering in June to August. Capsule and seeds oval, kidney shape. From China's sichuan province, China now widespread, there are both east China, central China, north China.
              Chinese name: the marshmallow
              Alias: a post, the red flowers, ripe season, RongKui, Wu Kui, who foot kwai, Hu Kui, cloak, kaoliang stalk flower flower
              Adaptable to grow near the building, beside the rockery or ornament, lawn, flower bed into a column or grow into a bundle. Dwarf varieties can make potted flower cultivation, on display in front of the door and indoor shoulds not be long. Can also be shearing for cut flowers, vase or make a basket of flowers, flowers, etc. Young leaves and edible flowers, leather for quality cellulosic, whole plant medicine, there are clear


              Plant height 1 meter or so, plant half erect, shaft type root, root is deep. Divarication, fine and dense, stem leaves smaller and thicker, the leaf color thick green. Flowers purple, inflorescence compact; Pod is dark brown, spiral, 2-3 ring; Seeds kidney-shaped, yellow grains 1.8 grams. Strong drought resistance, cold resistance of medium, flowering later than the guanzhong alfalfa about 7 - I0 day, about 10 days earlier than the xinjiang big leaf alfalfa.


              Main categories: Coreopsis Coreopsis basalis, plant height of 30 ~ 60 cm, whole plant growth of hydrophobic, MAO Ye Quan edge shallow crack, cauline leaf slotted spoon or lanceolate, cauline leaves 3 a 5-lobed, capitulum diameter 6 a 7 cm, with a long stem, flowers golden yellow.
              Big flower coreopsis c. grandiflora plants a little coat, branch, leaf lobes lanceolate, margin entire, upper leaves 3 a 5 deep cleft. Capitulum 4, 6, 3 cm, inside and outside column almost isometric involucre. Ligule spend eight gold, yellow 1 ~ 2, 5 cm long, end 3 crack, tubiform floret also is yellow color.
              Big coreopsis c. lanceolata, glabrous or thin hair growth, leaf clusters base or a few more, opposite, stem leaves few, flower diameter about 5 heads a 6 cm, involucre outside column often within a short column, ligulate flowers 8 pieces of yellow, 2 ~ 3 crack. Tubiform floret yellow.
              Blades coreopsis Coverticillata @ glabrous, less branched, impeller sessile palmate 3 deep cleft ?



              Cosmos: lovely, lovely autumn scenery. Cosmos plant height, leaf shape and elegant, design and color is rich, such as powder, white, dark red color, suitable for decorate a convex glass, on the edge of the grass and trees around and plant landscaping greening of road and there is quite a delight. Double varieties can make cut flower material. For flowers habitat background material, also can plant in fences, rocks, cliff side slope, tree or building nearby.

              In these

              Alias: grass and head, narrow leaf skullcap, toothbrush grass, sifang malan, barbed skullcap herb, ear grass, grass menstruation, purple grass, small skullcap, small han xin, microtia digging grass, golden ear grass, box of ear, ear, digging grass, the crook radix scutellariae, wild selfheal, square, grass, and a half to spend half a crispy noodles, migraine and grass, grass, small sky light, red tiger to bite, regenerated grass, whip out mountain, narrow leaf to the light.

              February LAN

              1, the cold resistance is strong, evergreen in winter. And more resistant to Yin, used as a cover, cover effect is good, leaf green, a piece of green, make people love.
              2, natural disposition is strong. Until from the northeast, north China, east China, central China can grow. In case of heavy frost and the snow in winter, although some leaves will seas, but so early to sprout new leaves, flowering, and strong. The soil is relaxed.
              3, purple flowers, open in succession from bottom to top, June 2 ~ 5, flowering, especially the group of plant, a violet. Such as planting, seawall along the river bank, leaves, flowers, sea water, blue sky, very spectacular.
              February 4, blue has a strong ability of the numerous, a seeding can form a community every year. Mature seeds 5 ~ 6 months a year, fell into the soil, ? in September


              Plants 60-100 cm tall, plants with peculiar smell, stem thick, green, erect. Leaves pinnate all crack, opposite, lobes lanceolate, serrate, sometimes upper leaves alternate, lobes edges have oil glands, sawtooth a mans, flower head on top of branches, diameter up to 10 cm, yellow or orange, peduncles enlargement, flowering 8 ~ 9 months. Achene black, pappus light yellow. Under an ovary superior flowers. Ligule petals. Like sunny environment, cold resistant, resistant to drought, poor growth in wet climate. For land is relaxed, but good for fertile osteoporosis well drained soil


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